Nurses' Roles in Health Promotion Essay

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Health Promotion
Nurses play an important role in promoting health within the patient, family, and community (Kemppainen, Tassavainen, & Turunen, 2012). The focus of patient care has been transferred from treating the illness to disease prevention (Mchugh, Robinson, & Chesters, 2010). The implementation of consultation, education, and follow up exams can increase the overall quality of life for an individual (Kemppainen et al., 2012). I will discuss the various roles of a nurse in health promotion along with the multiple work environments in which they can be implemented within. I will also reveal the maintenance plan of my own personal health regimen.
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The new implementations should be individualized around the patient’s personal values and goals. A nurse should empower the patient when times are challenging and continue to consult with the patient throughout the plan of care.
Health promotion can be accomplished in various environments. Schools can be utilized for education purposes. Films, brochures, lectures, and class discussions can be routes of teaching about nutrition, hygiene, heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, and abuse. Health departments can distribute pamphlets concerning the importance of vaccinations and preventive strategies against sexually transmitted diseases. Hospitals and medical clinics can conduct health fairs that offer free blood pressure evaluations and cholesterol screenings. They can also educate the public about the serious signs and symptoms of a heart attack, stroke, dehydration, and heat exhaustion.
My personal health promotion consists of exercising, eating healthy, and asking for help when feeling stressed. My place of employment offers a discounted gym membership that I take advantage of with my other coworkers. I love steamed veggies, fruits, nuts, and salads. I eat baked or grilled meat, because fried food disagrees with my stomach. I choose to drink water instead carbonated or sweetened drinks. I also have two wonderful sisters that will pitch in and help with my children’s after school activities when I need unwind and rest.
It is imperative that nurses acquire the

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