A Brief Note On Walmart And Its Impact On The World

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Walmart is one of the most significant company’s in the world. Its presence is felt all over the place as it has managed to appear of headlines as one of the best in its time. In the year 2011 alone, the company was reported to have been the largest in the world with a net worth of 420$ billion. It had employed 2.2 million people all over the world. The United States were the beneficiaries however because they contributed an employment percentage of 62% with an approximate 1.4 million workers. Their services have still extended to other parts of the world like Africa, Korea, Germany and India.
The company started from humble beginnings 49 years ago. The working strategy to serve the whole world as a number one …show more content…

This decision should however be reconsidered as it brings more friction of resources and profit management than its advantages. The company should alternatively consider doing away with that idea just to keep themselves at the safe side. They should consider paying or increasing salaries commission not on a fixed agreement.
It should be the company’s agenda and obligation to approach the government and labor unions. As an individual employer, Walmart should approach the federal government with grievances about the minimum wage. They should also argue in courts of law that the policy kills the business strength that it helps them. They should also come with strategies that would be proof that should the minimum wage regulation be exempted from the company, they would still maintain a fair wage to their company 2.2million employees.
Since the company started, the management of Walmart have always been good and that is why they have managed to be successful. However, they should consider adopting a succession strategy that would see the company rise even greater heights. They should start training capacitated young leaders who understand the vision and drive of Walmart. In this way, the chances and probability of getting even better leaders of the future who can handle greater pressure and success are high.
It is clearly evident that Walmart have succeeded in the US

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