Walmart Management and Leadership Analysis Essay

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Wal-Mart Management and Leadership Analysis


Organizational Behavior and Group Dynamics/Mgt 330

November 11, 2009
Ronald Sprague

Wal-Mart Management and Leadership Analysis

Wal-Mart is arguably the most dynamic corporation in the last 50 years in the United States, if not the world. Arising from its beginnings in Bentonville, Arkansas, it has grown to over 4,400 discount stores, super centers and corner markets worldwide. Wal-Mart continues to expand despite public criticism of its labor practices as well as complaints about their treatment of competitors. The many strengths of Wal-Mart, like their low cost production and marketing practices, will aid Wal-Mart as it continues to grow in the retail …show more content…

Wages and benefits are not the only complaints Wal-Mart is now facing. Recently, Wal-mart was accused of denying women equal pay and opportunities for promotion (Bianco, 2003). Wal-Mart attempts to distract from their past and present diversity issues by devoting an entire section of their webpage to this subject but until Wal-Mart can show statistical proof reflecting their claims of fair wages, good benefits, and equal treatment, the complaints by the unions and consumers will continue. These upper level management decisions are having a negative impact on the company and providing an unhealthy organizational culture for the organization.
Healthy Organizational Culture A healthy culture is crucial to the success of any organization. Creating a healthy organizational environment is the responsibility of the organizational managers and leaders in collaboration with their employees. One strategy that an organizational manager can employ in order to create a healthy culture is to provide an atmosphere of personal responsibility and accountability. By creating an environment where teams can hold each other accountable while celebrating successes as a team intensify loyalty, commitment and dedication to the organization. In addition, an honest and accepting atmosphere increases productivity and inspires creativity, maximizing the organization’s

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