A Brief Note On Who ' S Afraid Of The Frankenstein Monster?

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CYBORG + THE ESP: Augmentation of Flesh SEMINAR BEHAVIOR Examining The Proto-Systemic TUTORS Theodore Spyropoulos Ryan Dillon TUTORS (SYNTHESIS) Doreen Bernath Winston Hampel STUDENT Aleksandar Bursac MARCH, 2015. OUTLINE 00 PREFACE p.3 01 ABSTRACT p.4 02 THE CYBORG : WHO’S AFRAID OF THE FRANKENSTEIN MONSTER? p.5 03 STELARC + ORLAN : A BODY VS THE BODY: OPERATIONAL/HAPTIC p.6 04 MULLINS + HARBISSON : NO MORE MR. VITRUVIAN MAN! p.7 PREFACE Without any attempt to escape into confines of simple binarism and opposition, the overarching theme of augmentation will be researched through two complementary essays that explore these two aspects and possible routes of augmentation. They will be stratified into two categories: EXTERNAL (DAR2 – Ambient Data: Hypersensory Space) INTERNAL (Behavior - Cyborg + the ESP : Augmentation of Flesh) The following essay will concern itself with the INTERNAL aspect, attaching it to the phenomenon of the cyborg which will be seen as a likely trajectory of the development of the central object of architectural study – the user - who is fast becoming harder to pinpoint in a posthumanist landscape. ABSTRACT Our sensory experience is no longer confined to the organic legacy of our bodies. They are extruded and projected, multiplied and transposed over a plethora of “independent organs”

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