A Brief Study on Family and Marriage

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Family Law Summary of Family and definition of a family In legal parlance, marriage is normally a contract which is made in due law whereby a willing man and a willing woman agree to live together in a union where they are regarded as man and wife. In this context, it is required that the people entering into the union must be free. By free, it is meant that the two people should not be in any form of bondage or slavery and must also fulfill all the requisites of a legal marriage. In order to be regarded as a valid marriage, the parties entering into the union must be willing and able to contract in addition to actually contracting (Herring, 2004). In this regard, it implies that those people who do not have the legal capacity to contract cannot in any case enter into a marriage union. Such people include madmen, lunatics, and infants. In any case, if minors under the legal age are to marry, they must obtain the consent from their parents or guardians. If two people marry and later one of them realizes that they have married the wrong person, the marriage can be invalidated. For instance is Alex intents to marry Alice but mistakenly marries Jane, it is considered that there is no will in the marriage. However, if the mistake is on particular attributes of the person, the marriage is not invalidated at all. For example, if Alex married Alice believing she is rich but later discovers she is otherwise, this error is due to a quality in the person and cannot therefore
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