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The Princess, the Basket Case, the Jock, the Nerd, and the Criminal The Breakfast Club looks at young adults in their late teen years as they strive to figure out who they truly are and what they believe in. In the course of the movie the teens come to understand themselves and others better. This idea of self-identification follows closely with theorist Erik Erikson’s idea that at each stage in our lives we go through a psychological crisis and resolve it before moving on to the next stage.

A Brief Synopsis of the Movie The breakfast club opens up with the quotation from David Bowie saying, “…and these children that you spit on, as they try to change their worlds are immune to your consultations. They're quite aware of what they're …show more content…

She breaks through her stigma that popular girls don’t talk to the unpopular kids as she creates a relationship with Bender. Bender, a boy from across the tracks, is the stereotypical bad boy; he skips class, smokes dope, and comes from a broken home. He learns from Clair that although things may seem bad, there is some good in the world. Allison, a quiet shy girl, is considered more than different, she’s crazy. She keeps to herself and doesn’t conform to society; she wants to travel and try new things. Allison learns that she is unique but that sometimes conforming to society is okay when she decides to let Andrew into her life. Andrew, who is part of the same crowd as Clair, is a popular jock, and wants his dad to think that he could be the son any man would want. He learns that he is a good guy and comes to term with himself. Brian—the brain—feels the stress all straight A students feel. His parents pressure him to get good grades and stay on the straight and narrow. In the movie Brian learns it’s okay to be a kid and have fun every once in a while; that if he doesn’t he and all the other kids will become who they all hate most, their parents. At the end of the movie, the teens who were once strangers, all depart together. They become their own group realizing that in high school clicks aren’t everything and that their friendship is different than most. It’s on a deeper level and that each teen has something different to offer. They leave with a sense of self and a

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