A Byzantine Fault

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Faults occur in every system which may halt the systems functionality. A fault that presents different symptoms to different observers is called a Byzantine fault. These Byzantine faults form the reason for the loss of a system service and are called Byzantine failures. A Byzantine failure may occur due to arbitrary problems like corruption in their local state, production of incorrect outputs or by processing requests incorrectly instead of the general situations like crashing or stopping. The ability of a system to defend itself from Byzantine failures is called Byzantine fault tolerance which is a sub-field of fault tolerance.
A reliable computer system is a system that overcomes failures, one such failure is the Byzantine Generals problem. This problem is rare and generally overlooked by the people who are unfamiliar with the problem. It brings down the entire network if not tackled properly. This problem is most common in distributed dependable network. This paper aims at explaining the Byzantine Generals problem and providing a possible solution to that problem.
My motivation to write this topic comes from the wide usage of distributed systems in various fields like particle physics, bioinformatics, weather, climate, visualization and graphics, economics and finance etc., and the need to protect such systems. Failure of distributed systems leads to huge loss of resources, time and money. Thus protecting from these kinds of failure is a challenging task

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