A Career Of Computer Science

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A Career in Computer Science As a child, I said I was going to pursue many different careers because I had no guidance in this area and a head full of imagination. As I got older, I had to narrow my options. In high school, my 10th grade teacher asked me the burning question….”What career do you plan on taking up?”. I couldn’t answer the question and from that point on, I started learning about myself, what I like, and what I was skilled in. I came to the conclusion that I would pursue a career in the technology/computer science field. “Computer Science covers the core concepts and technologies involved with how to make a computer do something” (Janzen 1). I plan on becoming a software engineer. “Software Engineering focuses on how to design and build software in teams” (Janzen 1). I chose this specified career due to external influences. I took a couple of technology classes in high school ranging from graphic design to AP programming. All of my technology teachers said I had a gift for computers. I’m not too keen on them but it comes very natural for me. I started entering in contests and things of that nature to become more comfortable with programming. Another factor would have to be the salary. The entry-level salary for a software engineer starts at $70,000 (BS Comp Sci 2). I know they say “pick something you not and not for the money”, but computers comes easy to me so why not make money from it too. Also, my father owns his own consulting firm and is very
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