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  • A Study On Computer Science

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    degree in computer science is decreasing due to to common stereotypes women believe about computer science and the experiences they have while studying computer science. According to the National Center for Women & Information Technology only “17% of 2014 Computer Science and Information Sciences bachelor’s degree recipients were female”(NCWIT Fact Sheet). Computer Science is mainly a male dominated field. There are many factors that come into play when a woman decides to become a computer science major

  • Science And The Benefits Of Computer Science

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    those social media apps? This is how science slowly taking over our lives without us even knowing it. If you start to pay close attention, examples are everywhere; from we replacing the noisy old school alarms with cell phone alarms that we can customize any music to it, to letting computer almost running the entire company. The changes that computer science has brought to us are in creditably beneficial, crucial, and tremendous. The benefits of computer science can be minor, and it also can be

  • Computer Science As A Science

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    STATEMENT OF PURPOSE Computer science spans the range from theory through programming to cutting-edge development of computing solutions. Computer science offers a foundation to adapt new technologies and new ideas. It has become one of the booming fields in the world. So this inspired me to pursue computer science as major field. Many individuals have an aspiration to be a part of this highly coveted field and I am one of those. My passion in the Computer Science developed ever since I was in school

  • Computer Science Course Analysis

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    My love of computer science developed from a desire to understand the digital world around me. It began as a curiosity and eventually became a deep interest. And since it is becoming increasingly central to our lives, computer science contains the largest rooms for opportunity, influence, and improvement. My major preparation stems from core computer science courses I am taking and have excelled in at UC Berkeley. In my second semester of college, I completed my first course (CS61A, the Structure

  • Motivation Statement For Computer Science

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    I am applying to Stanford for admission to the Ph.D. program in Computer Science. I am interested in Theoretical Computer Science, particularly in the Design and Analysis of Approximation Algorithms, Combinatory and Complexity Theory. My interest in Mathematics goes back to the time I was at school. This interest has only grown through my years in school and high school, as I have learnt more and more about the subject. Having represented India at the International Mathematical Olympiads on two occasions

  • The Science Of Computer Science

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    Academic Statement of Purpose NAME: Master of Science in Computer Science The 21st century has been driven by the advances of technology. Its applications span from the primitive audio players to the advanced robotics involving Artificial Intelligence. All this has happened only because of the continuous development of the modern technology. This rapidly advancing field of science attracted my interest and made me choose Computer Science as the major field of study in my Bachelor of Engineering.

  • Computer Science Interview

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    Computer science is a discipline that involves the understanding and design of computers and computational processes. This industry is rapidly growing since almost every company is transitioning into the digital world, so people with proper technical background is always going to be needed. Computer science is connected to other communities since it is also practiced by mathematicians, scientists and engineers. Computer science is very broad and has many different specialties such as computer engineering

  • The Importance Of Computer Science In High School?

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    Computer Science in High School? Computer Science is a fast growing field and is currently in high demand. The world has gotten to the point where we all depend on computers, whether we like it or not. It has become a necessity to teach people how to program computers in order to meet the demands for this field. Computer Science should be a graduation requirement in American high schools because of its impact on critical thinking and an individual’s future financial opportunities. Computer Science

  • The Teaching Of Computer Science

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    the same amount of attention as others do. One course in particular is computer science or the teaching of HTML. HyperText Markup Language, commonly abbreviated as HTML, is the standard markup language used to create web pages. Along with CSS, and JavaScript, HTML is a cornerstone technology used to create web pages, as well as to create user interfaces for mobile and web applications. (“HTML”) The teaching of computer science or HTML is a valuable skill that goes unnoticed in most high schools nowadays

  • Ap Computer Science

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    1. Think back to when you decided to take AP Computer Science - What were your reasons for taking the course? The reason why I took this course was because I felt like technology has definitely influenced this world on a larger scale than previously imagined. If you look in our ordinary lives, you will see products of technology and computing. Everyday objects like iPhones, calculators, even cars are being born out of programming and computing. The scale of this mass technological improvement