A Career To Become A Career

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Having many options in choosing a career is good to do because you may find out some interesting things that you may like or may not like about the career that you would like to take part of after high school. It is always good to see the careers that catch your interest because that can benefit you, and you can plan out what you want to do in college or in a university. I have been truly interested in being a veterinary ever since I was in 8th grade. I always wanted to do some kind of job that involves animals because I do not want to get a job that is not something I am interested in at all. In the self assessment quizzes I came out to be in the realistic , investigative, and enterprising. Those traits are required to do in most of my job that I selected. Some basic duties that a veterinarian must be able to do is to observe the behavior and condition of animals. Provide nursing care or emergency first aid to recovering or injured animals. Bathe animals, clips nails or claws, and brush or cut animals hair. Finally collect laboratory test, such as urinalysis and blood count.Next on for actors must do these also like dress in comical clown costumes and makeup, and perform comedy routines to entertain audiences. Prepare and perform action stunts for motion picture, television, or stage productions.Read from scripts or books to narrate action or to inform or entertain audiences, utilizing few or no stage props. To list off some things that a dermatologists must be able to do

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