A Career as a Psychologist Essay

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Psychologists are very important people; they help millions of people with their everyday struggles and problems that they have to deal with. Not only do psychologists help people with problems that they cannot handle on their own, they also are scientists who study human minds and behaviors. With being a psychologist, there are many different careers to choose from within this profession (Explore Health Careers). The first type of psychologists to choose from is a clinical psychologist. Clinical psychologists help people with counseling and psychotherapy. They work with people who have all around life problems, such as new adjustments in life. Clinical psychologists also help people who have emotional disorders or…show more content…
They also provide consolation to courts and attorneys in different types of legal proceedings (Psyris). Next is an organization psychologist, which helps in the productivity of groups and individuals in a workplace. These types of psychologists focus on improving the function of organizations, and to keep individuals healthy within the organization (Psyris). Another type of psychology to choose from is a counseling psychologist. These are important psychologists because they teach people how to deal with their everyday problems. They help their patients determine their problems and help them understand the problems they are facing. Not only do counseling psychologists help their patients with the issues they are experiencing at home but also in their workplace or their community in general. By helping their patients identify their strengths and resources, is how counseling psychologists help them with their problems (Bureau of Labor Statistics). The next type of psychology is the developmental psychologist. Developmental psychologists work with psychological processes and development that takes place throughout life. They study aging and problems the elderly may face, but this type of psychologist mainly focuses on children and adolescents (Bureau of Labor Statistics). The last type of psychologist to choose from is the social
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