A Career in Medicine Essay

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A Career in Medicine


My experiences at home have helped prepare me for a career in medicine I grew up in an economically depressed area in San Francisco where my mother was a single parent. Growing up without a father, I developed self-confidence and a sense of independence at an early age. In order to help my mother financially, I unloaded produce trucks during my years in high school. As a result, I was unable to enjoy many of the activities most youngsters enjoy. However, I am thankful for the determination and inner-strength I developed while overcoming the hardships I faced.


After graduating from Lowell High School, I entered the University of California, Berkeley. The topic of nutrition interested me.
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I felt a need to share the knowledge I was acquiring with others in my community. Therefore, I accepted a position as a chemistry tutor in the Minority Scholars Program. For the past three years, I have taught a preparatory course for incoming freshman in addition to tutoring inorganic and organic chemistry. In my interactions with my students I have served as a role model as well as a teacher. I worked hard to sharpen my student's analytical skills, but more importantly, I was able to ease the culture shock that many students felt upon matriculation at Berkeley.


My two years of work as a volunteer orthopedic technician and emergency room volunteer at San Francisco General Hospital have shown me the rewards of a career in medicine. My duties at SFGH varied from assisting in general emergency room and surgical procedures to assisting in reduction of fractures. In each case, I derived satisfaction from the fact that my actions contributed to the well-being of others.


In the area where I grew up, there are few accessible positive role models. Unfortunately the youngsters admire the criminals that drive expensive cars. Most youths feel that music, or drugs are the only alternatives available to them. As a practicing black physician in my community, I could serve as a positive role model for these youngsters. I feel well prepared to face the problems that young
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