A Case Study Course Of 10 Group Sessions With Eight Children

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Case study #4: This is a case study course of 10 group sessions with eight children (three girls and five boys) in the ages of 10 to 12. All children were diagnosed with either ASD, Asperger 's syndrome, or Rett 's disorder. The children were seen in the setting of a special education school. They selected as they were fairly high functioning, although two of them were not, but joined as they were in the same age and could benefit improvement in their communication skills by working with peers (Miller, 2005). The therapy focused on social skills to develop and sustain friendships. It focused on interaction and use of the appropriate social skills for each situation, such as responding to social cues, and non-verbal behavior that others present in the session. The children provided a variety of social responses for each situation created, and their role in this situation. Drama therapy models and techniques were used in order to improve friendship skills. Story and play provide opportunities for developing spontaneity. The hypothesis of the study was that the story framework provides the opportunity for the client to practice different roles which teach and increase the client’s sensitivity to social cues, assist in reading facial expression, understanding of social gestures, share ideas properly, and sharing and respecting personal space. (Miller, 2005). The session began with listening to a familiar story with a social topic. Then, the students enact the story and were

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