A Central Policy Document Of The Government

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According to OECD (1) the budget can be said to be a central policy document of the government. It shows how the annual as well as multi-annual objectives and goals will be prioritized for achievement. The budget focuses on turning aspirations into reality alongside with other government policy instruments such as laws and regulations. It is actually a contract between the state and the citizens as it shows how resources are allocated for the best delivery of public services. The recent years’ experience has shown how that good budgeting process supports, and is supported by, integrity, accountability, transparency, openness as well as a strategic approach to the planning or achieving the national objectives. Thus, it is an essential keystone in the building of the trust between the citizens and the state. In the United States, the federal government budgeting is a very complex process (Bill 2). It involves countless procedures and rules, a number of sub processes, efforts from many staff persons of the legislative and executive branches, active participation of the congressional leaders with the president and so many work hours in a year. According to Bill (2) a multifaceted web of procedures is involved in the budgetary decisions enforcement. The procedures include both the executive and the congressional actions. This cyclical process of federal budgeting begins with the president’s annual budget formulation and ends with audit or review of expenditures. The major

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