Memorable Challenges Essay

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The Memorable Challenges Life could change in the blink of an eye, most times for the worse, just imagine being under 1500 pounds. Or just coming inches away, and then having to do the same thing that put you in that situation. I remember that one summer evening that scared the living bejesus out of me and could’ve put me in the hospital like it was yesterday. The person that made me get back on and ride, my greatest influence. Her name is Tara, she’s my coach, and I look up to her because she’s a diligent worker and pushes everyone in my lesson to do our best. It was a typical summer evening on a Friday, the day I have all my lessons, and the day I fell off my horse. It was a pretty ordinary lesson besides what was about to happen, also that another girl fell off her horse. My trainer has helped me before with my horse when he’s tried to gallop around with me on his back, so I was never scared about falling off. Also, because I knew that my horse would never try to hurt me, and he never tried, he just slipped… Before any of this happened we have my mentor and influencer making my legs, arms, back, and core more powerful. It was our lesson before a show, so I guess the horses were extra jumpy and enthusiastic, which was making us a little more nervous. We started like any normal lesson, just another girl fell off her eager horse, but she got back on like anyone would do. My coach told us if anyone else fell off then we have to pay her somewhere around $1500, little did

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