A Character Analysis of Mrs. Alice Garton in Berlie Dohertie's “Dear Nobody”

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A Character Analysis of Mrs. Alice Garton in Berlie Dohertie's “Dear Nobody” In the novel “Dear Nobody” by Berlie Dohertie, Alice garton is a mother of helen garton, which has a strong hold in decency and rather uncommunicative even to her children. In spite of the fact that her daughter is pregnant she gradually show her acceptance toward all her daughter decision even though she show a lot of rejection toward her daughter decision at first. She wants helen to have a bright future, but she doesnt always make a good decision. Alice undergoes a lot of event that make her change gradually, for example when she finds out about helen's pregnancy, when alice refuse the abortion and adoption, and when helen give birth. His strengths are that…show more content…
Alice hides a lot of information from her family, even helen mentions her secretive personality several times “she is such a closed-up, tight woman at times” (page ) and “Mum wont have told him about you. They are so secretive, my family” (page 123). There are few things that alice hides from her family, the fact that she is an illegitimate daughter, helen's pregnancy, and helen's abortion surgery. When helen tries to find out about what her nan said about “bad blood” and “like mother, like daughter”, she say that it was none of helen's bussiness and also when alice is inthe hospital to have an abortion surgery she said “you're not going to make a fuss, are you” (page 82). From all of the quotes we can clearly say that alice is secretive person and to top it off she also likes to hide something. alice hides helen's pregnancy from all of the family member even though something like this should be known by the other member of the family. helen's abortion surgery is also hidden by alice even to her own husband ted. Abortion surgery is a big thing to do and her husband has the rights to know about this, and helen surely need to be supported by her family, but despite all those thing alice just keep it as a secret, and it shows us how secretive alice is. Alice is uncommunicative person even toward her own childrens, there are several times where the other character was saying that alice is awkward and uncommunicative too. “She is not that sort

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