A Chaste Maid In Cheapside Patriarchy Analysis

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In 17th century England there was a major status quo that went by the name of patriarchy. Patriarchy is the idea of men controlling everything, from the household all the way up to the monarchy. In this idea of patriarchy women were thought as to needing a man in their life, whether that was a husband or father. The relationship between men and women was characterized as a woman should be a loyal servant to the man for taking care of her. With the idea of patriarchy in mind Thomas Middleton wrote the play, A Chaste Maid in Cheapside. Patriarchy is a major theme of the play and tackles the issue. However, Middleton doesn’t place himself on a side for or against patriarchy. Instead Middleton uses many interesting, complex, and different…show more content…
They then are categorized even further into warm and cold as well as wet and dry. The idea with the humors is that they correspond to the personality of a person. Warm and Dry humors are what men believed they had which gave them leadership, calm, and rational qualities most fit to be in charge. Where women were believed to have Cold and Wet humors. There were exceptions to this idea, such as Elizabeth I who was thought to have the Warm and Dry humors as she had such a long and successful reign. Establishing the English patriarchy based on the contributing factors created special dynamics in English day to day.
The affect of English patriarchy was experienced the everyday lives of every English citizen. Gender norms were extremely prominent as to what the men should be doing versus what the women were supposed to be doing. The women were expected to exemplify three major qualities; be chaste, quiet, and subservient. That was the ideal picture of a women at the time. However, to be subservient women needed a man to be subservient to. The men essentially ruled over the women of their household. However it wasn’t a complete rule as, much like any ruler of anything whether be a kingdom or a household, there was a decision to be a malevolent or benevolent. Where in a malevolent household the man the would get his way, it could create problems as treating his family poorly and abusing them could lead to his household being taken away. As such many patriarchs were more a

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