A Childhood Full of Pain in the Book, Eveline by James Joyce

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In the short story Eveline, by James Joyce. Eveline, the main character of the story has an exciting chance to leave her old life behind and begin a new one, in a new country. The story is about a difficult childhood full of pain. The family bonds in Eveline are almost like chains. Eveline seems to be burdened both physically and mentally by her parents. Her mother who died left her to fulfill the responsibilities and duties of hers, but when she is offered an escape from this life, she does not to take her it. She is too scared. The story takes place in Dublin, where Eveline, the main character, sits by her window in a dark dusty room for almost the entire story; leaving the final scene the only part with action happening outside the room, although the time span from beginning to the end is only a few hours. The story begins with Eveline sitting at a window, watching the avenue. Years ago, when Eveline was a child there was a field on the street where she and the other children from the neighborhood, excluding her brother Ernest "who was too grown up to play", used to play every evening, but now bright brick houses filled the field. Life back then seemed to be easier and better, but now Eveline and her brothers are all grown up and their mother is dead. Eveline is planning to leave Ireland, just like most of her childhood friends have done. Still, she is not sure if it is wise to leave her home and venture into the unknown. Eveline works

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