A Classroom Interaction Of Student And Faculty

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ABSTRACT In this project, we overcome the disadvantages of Traditional Classroom interaction of student and faculty. The Virtual Classroom System replaces the manual system with online Interactive Classroom using Java. What we are doing is actually defining a portal of social interaction where students can ask questions and various teachers of that particular subject can answer. A discussion can also be started about a particular topic with interaction coming in from various students and teachers. In Virtual Classroom System the students and faculty need not be present physically, the questions will allowed to put up in the form of text paragraph or images. All that one need is a PC or laptop. The clients will be provided with…show more content…
Through Virtual Classroom various video lectures can be put up, queries and questions can be asked and various doubts in the minds of the students can be cleared. 2. REQUIRMENT ANALYSIS: The basic requirements for a Virtual Classroom is the user name and password given to all the faculty and students. Once the respective person has logged in he/she can perform all the tasks that the person is authorized to perform. The project works in the following manner: 1) Faculty Registration before being able to deliver the lecture to the students, the faculty needs to register with the system. 2) Student Registration to access the features of this application the student need to first register to the system. 3) Live Chat: A Live chat is provided during the lecture so that students can raise their doubts on the spot through the chat box. 4) Discussion Forum Furthermore new features like Online Tests, Assignments can be given. Through these procedures the classes can be made interactive, purposeful and fun. 3. SYSTEM ANALYSIS 3.1 MOTIVATION The main motive behind Virtual Classroom is the less amount of time the students and faculty to interact to each other. With the help of virtual classroom students will be able to ask questions any time and get their doubts clear. Faculty can also use this platform to give assignments and quiz in real time, and take online tests. This will save the time wasted on taking tests in the classroom. 3.2 Modules User End:
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