A Color Scheme Of Black And White

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Diego Munoz Camargo’s drawing, Burning of the Books of the Gods(1581-84), Codex Tlaxcala, in the University of Glasgow, is composed of ink on paper. The image depicts two Franciscan Friars holding torches up to a mass of Aztec spirits floating between them. These spirits are bathed in the torch 's flame. The Aztec Gods are engulfed in a blaze, which licks the figures and spurts outwards from the edges of the mass. Oddly, the majority of the work is occupied by the burning figures, which stretch from the top two corners of the document, almost down to the bottom of the sheet. The various Aztec spirits are a combined heap of vaguely humanoid figures, with some sporting animal or inhuman features. Certain spirits are considerably larger than the Friars below, with expansive heads and facial decorations. These decorations occur in the form of numerous patterns and designs. A color scheme of black and white, illustrates the facial patterns of the Aztec spirits, as well as the hair and belts of the Friars. Behind the Friar in the right corner of the work stands two individuals. One is only visible as a head visible over the Friar’s shoulder, while the other clutches three books and faces upwards toward the top left corner.
The image possesses certain intriguing qualities. For instance, the work is titled Burning of the Books of the Gods, and while books can be seen in the hands of the figure in the bottom right corner, there are no visible books or pages in the center pyre.…
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