A Comparison Of England And The United States : Healthcare Delivery For Older Adults Essay

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A Comparison of England and the United States: Healthcare Delivery for Older Adults
Brianna Strickland
University of South Florida

Despite the general knowledge most people have on health care, this research examines and compares health care delivery for older adults in The United States of America and England. The goal is to adequately analyze and compare the health care delivery for the older population in both countries. The main discussion will be about Medicare and National Health Service; further, some main topics to consider are coverage, costs, and overall effectiveness. The findings are from secondary, academic online resources.

Kunkel, Brown, and Whittington (2014) express that “the world’s older population is growing more than twice as fast as the world’s total population (United Nations, 2009)” (p.1). With an increasing aging population, it is crucial to keep in mind the health care these older adults are receiving. The United States has many private out of pocket insurances, as well as the Affordable Care Act for their citizens; however, a program called Medicare is offered for their elderly population. On the other hand, England offers universal healthcare, called National Health Service to all of their citizens, including the elderly. Although the United States and England provide health care through different systems, they still both supply quality coverage for their older population.
When looking at the United States,

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