Keeping Healthcare Affordable For All Citizens Essay

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Keeping healthcare affordable for all citizens is important. Every person in this country should have the basic right to health care. The article Rights to Healthcare in the United States: Inherently Unstable discuss the rights people should have for healthcare as well as how Medicare and Medicaid came about. This paper discusses some points I agreed with in the article and different ways our country can improve health care.
Reflection Paper Module Three
After four decades of failure to enact a universal healthcare program, advocates decided to refine their approach in the 1950s, and the strategy that ultimately led to the passage of Medicare and Medicaid was formulated. Wilbur Cohen and I.S. Falk recognized that a health insurance plan focused on Social Security beneficiaries would be much easier to sell than a plan for all Americans. By limiting its benefits to the elderly, Medicare could be portrayed as a program for people who met two important criteria: they had greater need for healthcare coverage and they were especially deserving of public assistance. Because of their age, seniors have relatively high medical costs--when Medicare was passed, average healthcare expenses for people sixty-five or older were twice the average expenses for younger persons. (Orentlicher, D. (2012). At the same time, the elderly was less able to afford healthcare bills. Medicare would kick in when people no longer were working and were experiencing a greatly reduced income. Moreover,

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