A Comparison Of The Internet On Batman And Ballot Boxes

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On Batman and Ballot Boxes
Batman and the internet have much in common. Both positively impact society, but both do it through controversial and sometimes blatantly flawed methods. How do they do this? Batman stops crime through violence and vigilante justice, while the internet aids democracy but also spreads rumors and dissension. However, with a responsible and thoughtful guiding force, such as Alfred the butler or a prudent citizen, both Batman’s and the internet’s great potential for improving the population’s welfare are realized. When the people utilize it properly, the internet allows for a healthier society by giving voters a bird’s-eye view of political issues and providing a platform where citizens can make themselves heard.
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Evidently, the internet has drastically altered the democratic process.
This democracy ultimately rests on the people raising their voices, and once again, the internet improves this process. Through social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, citizens have an ability to speak out like never before. Mark McKinnon, an American political advisor, said, “Technology and social media have brought power back to the people” (“Mark McKinnon Quotes”). If social media can elect a president, as it did in 2016, then it is clearly a force to be reckoned with. Before the age of the internet, voicing your opinion on a public platform often meant writing a letter to the editor and hoping that it was selected for publication, but now, it’s as easy as posting on Facebook, something many people do frequently. Speaking out on important issues has never been easier.
However, dangers do lurk in the internet’s abundance of news and opinions. With anyone able to post anything they want, fake news abounds and rumors go viral. People voicing opinions on social media rapidly find themselves in heated debates that frequently get both nasty and personal. The power that social media gives to the people also gives them the burden of responsibility; for the internet’s numerous positive benefits to be realized, discretion and kindness must guide all online interactions. Malala Yousafzai recognized this when she said, “What is interesting

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