A Comparison of Feminist Writings

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Mallard in Kate Chopin's “The Story of an Hour” find themselves facing very different dilemmas, yet both women faced their respective challenge in a way that went against the social norm for women in their time period, this was done by these pioneering writers to show the oppression faced by women who were trapped in their marriages during their respective time periods. Nora and Louise are both faced with problems in their lives and both women face those problems in a way that is not accepted by society as normal behavior for a woman. Nora and Torvald's first year of marriage was not an easy one. Nora finds out that Torvald is ill. He had been working day and night to try and provide for his new family. In order for him to get better he needs to move south. Nora is willing to do anything in order to save her husband. She decides to take a loan in order to afford the life saving trip. (Ibsen) Women were not to have anything to do with the household finances. She did this behind Torvald’s back and forged her dead father’s signature. Mrs. Helmer went against the “rules” that woman were supposed to abide by in order to save her husband. Mrs. Mallard faced a different kind of problem. She was faced with the death of her husband. For Mrs. Mallard this was the beginning of her real life. Victoria Hicks states that “women were confined to the private sphere of the home and were often denied participation in the public.”(Hicks)…
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