Essay about A Comparison of Two James Bond Posters

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A Comparison of Two James Bond Posters

‘Dr No’ in 1962 was the first James Bond film released and ‘The World Is Not Enough’ is one of the most recent Bond films to have been released in 1999. The two film posters are distinctively different, which would be expected as the films were released decades apart from eachother.

The first poster for ‘Dr No’ shows that James Bond is a new, never seen before film as the logo ‘007’ is printed on the poster more than once in bold lettering, and the name ‘James Bond’ is also printed, whereas in the poster for ‘the World Is Not Enough’ the ‘007’ logo is only used once in small lettering and ‘James Bond’ is not used at all, because by this time the …show more content…

This also may have something to do with the fact that in the 90’s, the first female head of MI5 was introduced into the films.

The genre of the film is far more evident in the poster for ‘The World Is Not Enough’. The images used connote an action film that has many different narratives. The poster is lively and eye-catching and is full of bright, vivid images. The poster fits in very well with the title of the film, as it looks like James Bond is going to embark on some international mission, the image of some of the continents in flames shows this. There are also several images circling around the main characters in the film, which look futuristic and scientific and feature explosions and car chases. Comparing the two posters also shows how technology and science has progressed through the decades and this is very apparent in the 1999 film poster, which looks far more advanced, as far as gadgets and weapons go.

The ‘Dr No’ poster does not specify the genre so well. It could be for several different genres. It indicates that it could possibly be a spy or mystery film, which is partly true of the James Bond movies.

James Bond is shown in the ‘Dr No’ film poster as a silhouette, it suggests that he could be a very elusive

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