A Comprehensive Healthcare Plan For Canada

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This paper looks into a proposal on the introduction of a universal pharmaceutical policy or pharmacare in Canada. Canada is a country that has a global reputation of offering a successful healthcare to its populations. The Canadians enjoys free healthcare facilities because when they get sick they just need to visit the hospital or their doctors even when they do not have money. The government funds for the universal health policy by use of government revenues. The government gets the funds to pay the policies through taxation of Canadians who are well-off. Most Canadians especially the ordinary Canadians have benefited from the universal healthcare as it has increased their accessibility to health services (Fierlbeck, 2011). Although most Canadians and stakeholders consider the Canadian healthcare policy as universal, it is not comprehensive. A comprehensive healthcare policy should offer a complete healthcare package for citizens. The current healthcare policy in Canada does not substantially offer a complete healthcare policy. This is because various core areas of healthcare are not covered with the current policy on healthcare. The essential areas that have been left out by the policy include dental care, prescription drugs, and prescription glasses. The prescription drugs are more important as it remains hard for a person to recover without drugs. Drugs are very expensive to buy and they prices keep on increasing day by day (Morgan and Daw, 2013). The drugs are thus
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