A Convention : The Overuse Of Antibiotics

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Tedx Talk to a Convention: the Overuse of Antibiotics
Ladies and gentlemen, I’d like you to look around the convention hall and ponder what ailments reside in this building. What health issues do you and your neighbors face today? Obesity, allergies, autoimmune disorders, mental illnesses, the list of possible issues is immense and difficult to fathom. Now let’s fast-backward to the past, to the eighteenth century, to a time before modern medical interventions and chemical treatments. What would we be suffering from then? This is equally difficult to imagine. Tuberculosis? Shingles? Cholera? Now what if I told you that in the near future, we could be suffering from all of these maladies at the same time. An obese tuberculosis patient could …show more content…

While all other bacteria are destroyed by the antibiotics, that one single cell then multiplies. That population of prokaryotes can even spread the gene to other species through processes like conjugation or transduction, turning one mutation into a worldwide phenomenon. The mass overuse of antibiotics gives bacteria many more chances for successful mutants to arise and thrive, in turn leading to the situation of humanity today. Now “super-bacteria” like C. difficile, MRSA, and resistant-tuberculosis run rampant in society, causing hundred of thousands of deaths each year. They threaten to plunge humanity back into the dark ages of medicine. Infection, however, is not the only fear from the overuse of antibiotics. New research into the microbiome, the amalgamation of microorganisms naturally present within the human body, has shown that antibiotics are also destroying the beneficial prokaryotes within us, leading to a host of other “modern maladies”. For example, altered populations of Bacteroidetes and Firmicutes, two types of bacteria in the large intestine, have been correlated with an increased disposition toward obesity. The absence of H. pylori has been found to cause increased rates of esophageal adenocarcinoma. Bacteria have found to play a role in everything from autism to mental illness to autoimmune disorders. The overuse of antibiotics hinders beneficial microorganisms just as much as it helps infections. Humanity is, quite literally, digging itself into

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