A Counselor 's Level Of Competence

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There is much to learn from all ancestral cultures including the new coin phrase sexual minorities . Mental heath professional is consistently evolving and practitioners must adapt to the changes within practice and ACA ethical guidelines. This paper explores a counselor 's level of competence, etiology findings for homosexuality, controversies with treatment practice by professional and paraprofessional therapy, and new frontier approach with client-centered approach. Since the multicultural movement has become a pillar for ACA code of ethics, it is with great importance to embrace new cultural styles. Although, the counseling field has a great paucity in empirical research; ACA task force remains optimistic in filling this gap. The objective is to help clients find congruence in their identity, belief, and values within their sexual orientation. Counselor must arm themselves with proficient training in multicultural competence, client-centered approach toward client identity edification, and having the integrity to guard clients from harmful clinical practice.
A rule of thumb for Christian counselors is to be mindful of a client’s well-being/autonomy and diverse background. Sanders’ call out points from chapter ten discussing Sexual Minority were: a) etiology and research, b) present controversies and issues with treatments, c) importance of multicultural competence, and d) re-affirming the client’s well-being and wellness. Each of these sections in regards to
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