Multiracial Identity

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As a school counselor, we have the opportunity to work with all kinds of students from all different walks of life and different backgrounds. However, in the terms of biracial individuals, this has become a complex topic for counselors. With racial identity and their inability to easily fit into a specific racial category, most counselors are unsure about how to work with biracial children to bring about healthy identity development. According to the text,(Johnson, 2009) the issue began with the fact that minorities were underserved in mental health services. Despite the initiation of Community Mental Health Center Act of 1963, “many ethnic minority groups were still being underserved” (Johnson, 2009). Researchers also suggested that underserved populations did not feel that counselors were competent or well aware of …show more content…

The purpose of the study in Johnson’s (2009) article was to “examine the attitudes and knowledge of practicing counselors who work with biracial and multiracial populations”. During the examination two measures of attitudes and knowledge were administered to 165 counselors from a large regional mental health program treating minority populations. The Attitudes toward Multicultural Children Scale or AMCS is an assessment measure used in this study to gamer counselor's self-reported attitudes towards multiracial youth. In addition to the AMCS, the researcher developed a tool for measuring levels of knowledge for working with biracial youth, entitled the Multicultural Counseling Vignette or MCV. Occurrences for both measures are reviewed. There were many inquires used to closely examine the nature of the relationship between the four subscale scores on the AMCS and the scores on the MCV. A hierarchical regression was used to examine the relationships between total scores on the MCV and the children's race, gender, education, and social experience. The results showed that counselors generally have indifference feelings about working with biracial

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