A Crabby Situation

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A Crabby Situation At one point in everyone’s life, we have to hear the dreaded “sex talk” or in other cases have had to discover the consequences of sex on one’s own. Within this talk you may cover what is a STD (sexually transmitted disease) and how life threatening, painful and grotesque they may be. What if I said someone can pick up a little “friend” from being sexually active? This “friend” remains close like the skin to your body, loves to play in hair and even feeds off of its companion. Meet the ultimate pal of STD’s, Phthirus pubis or known as pubic lice, but we call the little parasites Crabs. In case the question “how can a whole crab be transferred to my body?” surfaces, know I am not referring to the type of crab you can find at sea or on SpongeBob. Pubic lice are referred as crabs because of their resemblance to actual crabs in its six-legged structure, though not necessarily possessing claws. The crab (phthirus pubis) I am referring to are as tiny as 1.1–1.8 mm in length when fully matured in reference from Even though these bugs are very small, they are visible to the naked eye, but blend very well in their environment and are advised to be viewed from a microscope. Menshealth website describes that crabs are typically gray, white or brown, which makes the lice harder to spot. Now it’s clear on how pubic lice appear, where exactly are they? The most common place phthirus pubis can be found on an infected individual’s pubes along with
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