Criminal Convictions In America

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Even though America’s prisons are illustrated as a credible approach for individuals and institutions to bring justice, it has done a poor job to properly convict people for criminal acts and instances of violence, and to provide victim’s with satisfaction for due justice. Karakatsanis further evaluates upon the process of convictions in America. For instance, he examines the techniques that help support a court verdict, when he writes, “For many decades, American courts have allowed criminal convictions based on policing and forensic techniques that lack a scientific basis. Even after these methods were formally exposed as unscientific by the most prestigious collection of American scientists, police, prosecutors, and courts continued to use them every day nonetheless” (Karakatsanis (265). In accordance with Karakatsanis, the process for criminal convictions are largely flawed. In particular, eyewitness testimonies from police and evidence from forensic lack a significant scientific groundwork, and such approaches have been heavily scrutinized and criticized by the scientific community. Even with such criticism, there have been a lack of an institutional reform to rectify these imperfections. Subsequently, the methods for criminal convictions are often unreliable. Subsequently, plausible consequence may include how criminal suspects may be wrongful convicted of a crime that they were never involved in, and the victim’s or the victim’s family’s desire for justice may never

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