A Critical Analysis of 'Blood Wedding'

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Plot Summary At its most basic, the story of the blood wedding is about a pending wedding between the Groom and the Bride. The mother of the groom's husband, and father of the Groom, is murdered by a member of the Felix family, which so happens to be the same family of an ex of the Bride. Prior to the wedding, the Bride runs off with her ex, a man named Leonard Felix, and this sends the Groom into a rage. He takes off after Leonardo and the Groom and Leonardo end up killing one another. The Bride returns to the wedding in a dress covered in blood. The fate of the Bride is implied but is never known for sure. Critique The imagery used in this play is quite thick. The use of the Moon, for example, to light the way of the searchers in the forest is one example. The use of Death in the form of a beggar is yet another. The open-ended ending when the ultimate fate of the Bride is another twist that ends the play. There is significant foreshadowing in the lyrics of the lullaby that is sung in Act One, as it foreshadows what is going to occur later in the play. The bride is obviously talking herself into undergoing the wedding even though it is clear that she still feels for Leonardo and this sets off the Groom, especially given the link to his deceased father. Playwright Intentions As for the intentions of the playwright, that being Lorca, it is obvious that Lorca wanted this play to be thought-provoking and evocative and it is certainly that and more. It is clear
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