A Critical Discussion On Gender, Masculinity, Power, And Gender Politics

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A Critical Discussion on the Ways in Which Sociologists Attempt to Study Aspects of Gender
In order to study gender, sociologists must adopt particular research methodologies and examine certain theoretical perspectives when conducting research in gender. The study of gender is broad and consists of many different aspects regarding masculinities and femininities including hegemonic masculinity and the concept of ‘doing/undoing gender’. These aspects of gender and the methodologies adopted by sociologists to study theses aspects will be discussed in this essay. Similarly theoretical perspectives sociologists utilise such as those of Bourdieu and Piketty will be examined.
One aspect sociologists have attempted to study within gender is ‘hegemonic masculinity’. As discussed by Morell, Jewkes and Lindegger in “Hegemonic Masculinities/Masculinities in South Africa: Culture, Power, and Gender Politics” (2012), hegemonic masculinity analyses ‘power in conjunction with issues of hierarchy, allowing for differentiation between groups of men who had different relations to one another and more or less power in relation to a dominant group’ . Morrell, Jewkes and Lindegger examine hegemonic masculinity within South Africa, a highly patriarchal and violent country, through quantitative research methods. Statistics highlight certain demographics that contribute to the study of gender within South Africa; for example it was found that 40% of households are run by women and often fathers are

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