A Cross-Sectional Study Was Conducted By Niaki, Moore,

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A cross-sectional study was conducted by Niaki, Moore, Chen, and Cullen (2017) to determine food waste among elementary school students. The purpose of this study was to determine whether the amount of National School Lunch Program (NSLP) lunch food consumed and wasted differed by grade level for elementary school students in kindergarten through grade 5. The subjects involved in this study were from eight elementary schools in one school district in Houston, TX during the spring of 2013. Four low income and four middle income schools were selected. The average number of students in the school was 731. The researchers used five trained data collectors that visited each school weekly so that there were observations conducted on all…show more content…
Other aspects that could be researched is portion size of meals, meal length, and meal timing.One of the strengths of this study was that it used professional data collectors to collect the data. Similarly, they used registered dietitians to analyze the school lunches. One improvement that could be made to the study, is to include surveys or questionnaires to the students to find out their normal eating patterns and see if that correlates to their plate waste or if they are wasting significantly more food in school.
An observational study conducted by Carmen J. Byker et al. (2014) examined the amount of food waste by meal components according to the new National School Lunch Program (NSLP) guidelines amongst pre-kindergarten and kindergarten students. The revised NSLP guidelines implemented in 2012, focus on providing 5 portioned meal components including fruits, vegetables, whole grains, low-fat dairy and protein, in order to improve the nutritional quality of foods in schools. The purpose of this study was to determine a correlation of food waste in a school nutrition program after implementation of new lunch program guidelines. Subjects included one pre-kindergarten and 5 kindergarten classes from one public elementary school located in a rural southwest county in the US. The school was located in a populated area of 21,030 individuals: 89.5% white, 6.2% black, and 2.2% hispanic/Latino. Data was collected in March 2013 over the duration
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