A Description Of Homeopathy

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Homeopathy can be understood as a natural form of medicine used by many people in the world to treat both severe and chronic conditions. According to Dr Josh Axe (2016), homeopathy is an alternative healing practice that makes use of the least thinkable amount of an effective ingredient in order to help treat an illness. Even though, this same element can have an impact on an illness in the first place. An alternative way to put this concept: like cures like.
History of homeopathy:
According to Dana Ulman (1991), Homeopathy became very well known in the Europe and United States back in the early 1800s and some of the strongest believers included European royalty, entrepreneurs, and leaders in religious environment.
The creation of homeopathy
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According to Dr Axe (2016), the laws of homeopathy initially developed by Hahnemann are still in use by homeopaths practicing around the world currently.
Description of homeopathy:
Clear understanding to how homeopathy systems work:
Firstly a patient gets evaluated by a homeopathic practitioner to identify symptoms of the illness so that the practitioner can fit it with the right treatment. The patient entire lifestyle, habits and backgrounds are taken into account when identifying the treatment. There is a very strong correlation between emotional symptoms and how that might contribute to an illness. Example, homeopathy can take into consideration that lack of sleep can contribute to digestive problems.
Many homeopathic treatments have names written in Latin after their animal, mineral or plant source and are assigned a number and percentage to describe how strong the solution is. (Dr Axe: 2016).
There is a distinction between strength and potency of a treatment in homeopathic medicine. A treatment is not always believed to be stronger or better if it is more potent, since each individual’s reaction is different to the

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