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Prompt One Mother and I have moved from London and we have moved to a whole different continent. We used to live in Europe but recently mother got a new secretary job and it is in the United States of America. We moved into a new house on Gilham street in NorthEast Philadelphia exactly 4 days 6 hours and 36 minutes ago, Siobhan always told me to be precise when I describe things. The new town is much larger than where we used to live, there are also a lot of people here and I don’t like that I always find myself groaning more often without even realising it. I don’t really like it here that much because everyone is a stranger to me but sometimes when I look outside I see this lady who lives across the street walking her dog. I love…show more content…
He was just as soft as I had thought and he didn’t smell like most other dogs smelt. Buster smelt cleaner and I liked that. Buster is my friend now and that means that Prompt 1 Haiti was not a friendly place in 1969. Macoutes were killing people affiliated with the coalition. People were being killed all over Haiti for all different reasons. Everyone was living in fear, others were trying to flee to other countries and there was so much chaos and turmoil at this time. This must have really affected Danticat’s life because she and her brother stayed in Port-au-Prince with their aunt and uncle while their parents fled to America. That means Danticat grew up in these terrible times in a country facing conflict. If she would have fled to the United States she would not have been raised around as much Haitian culture and the things she saw would have never influenced her to right the stories that she has written. Her stories speak of the genocide, torture, guard and trauma that many Haitians faced in those troubling times. Even though what she experienced may have been horrific she doesn’t just speak of terrible events she sees through the bad and even writes about beautiful things. I was born in Philadelphia in the United States in 2001. My country is democratic so that means I was born and raised in a country where everyone is equal and free to pursue whatever they please. If I was
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