A Descriptive Analysis Of A Soccer Player

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“TWEET,” the referee blew his whistle. Ten minutes of overtime and it’s still tied, sweat dripping, fans gripping. After an intense battle between Plaza middle schools unstoppable defense and Virginia Beach middle schools quick offense, they have played 70 minutes of soccer and it goes into penalty kicks. Everything was in slow motion as the first kick by Beach went in, then everyone was devastated when Plaza missed. The crowd was ready and on their feet for the second kick as Beach makes the goal while Plaza misses. Beach makes it and now the game is on the line, if Plaza misses it’s all over. The intensity is overwhelming, the pressure is on, and it goes in. Everyone on the sideline is going wild, but wait the referee is making him do it …show more content…

It’s a goal and everyone is relieved, but the game is not over yet. If Beach makes any, they win, and if Plaza misses any, then Beach wins. The fourth kick and Beach misses. Plaza’s shot, if they miss they lose and that is exactly what does… not happen. The fifth shot, pressure and intensity covers the field like fog. Beach misses. It’s Rivers shot, if he misses they lose, the last shot until sudden death penalty kicks, that is if he makes it. The crowd goes silent, the seconds tick by like hours, he runs up, kicks, and it goes into the upper corner. Plaza still has a chance. Now if one team makes their shot and the other team misses the game is over. Beach, recovering from what just happened, takes the first sudden death penalty kick and it goes in. The pressure is back like a boomerang but even under the unforgiving pressure, Plaza makes it. After that it feels like we’re watching a broken record player, the same thing happens over and over again. By now it’s the 6th sudden death penalty kick and the 11th in total. Beach lines up to kick, and the field goal is good, and in case you didn’t know, this field goal earned no points. The shot went up and over the goal and into the football uprights. Plaza was going wild, but the game wasn’t over, Plaza still had to make their …show more content…

Plaza would’ve never made it to the playoffs if they had given up when they were down 3-0 but they persisted. The Plaza goalie could have realized they had no chance and given up, Persistence is all about not giving up and not only in the shootout but in the game, Plaza knows they have an amazing defence and if they had taken that for granted they would have lost. This example also shows in the playoff game when they held the #2 team landstown middle school to a shootout. This outcome was not as happy and Plaza knew that Landstown was the better team but that doesn’t mean they didn’t try their hardest. Persistence is a good skill to have, and I know people that lack persistence but if everyone would just try a little harder to keep going people would accomplish so much more. For example, I was camping with my friend and we were making a fire with flint-and-steel. He told me that we were wasting time and needed to go get a lighter but I ignored his unconstructive comment and kept working until I got it. Persistence is extremely important especially in the future because if we want to discover more than we already know we are going to have to try harder than we already

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