Soccer Is Never A Passion Of Mine

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When I was growing up, soccer was never a passion of mine. I always played baseball and basketball. When my freshmen year of high school roles around, I didn’t know what sport to play in the fall. My choices were soccer, football, and cross country. I hated running long distances , so cross country was out; I hated the possibility of getting serious head injuries ,so football was out. Now I was left with soccer. I chose soccer, and I played on Jv my freshmen year and Jv: varsity my sophomore year. My junior year I went from varsity to Jv to varsity. It was an up and down season. It all started in the middle of August when I went to a minicamp ran by my coach. He asked me if I was planning on trying out for goalie for the upcoming…show more content…
We were winning up until the 75th minute. Arcadia had a free kick about 30 yards out. Their best player steps over the ball, and he backs up to run into the shot. He shoots and he scored from the free kick tying the game 1-1 with 10 minutes to go. I was beyond mad. It was the first goal that I had let in; I felt like I had let my team down, which I did; because, I should have saved the shot. Now are team was 1-0-2. Not the start we were looking for. Looking for a win; our next game was Tomah. We beat Tomah 3-1. Then we played central, and lost 2-0; and we also played Onalaska; and lost to them 3-0. After those two games my moral was very low, and it consequently brought the teams moral down as well. Then we went up to Amery; this team was supposed to be the best team in our sectional. During warm-ups I was feeling really good and optimistic. The game started and Amery scored a goal within the first 10 minutes of the game starting. Amery had another attack and the ball rolled out of bounds but the ref didn’t call it out. Consequently, Amery scored a few seconds later. This wouldn’t have been an issue because; the ball would have rolled out for a goal kick. Now we were down 2-0 and the wind was out of our sails. Then again the ball rolled out of bounds again, but the ref didn’t call it; and again Amery scored. Aquinas down 3-0. I was so mad. I didn’t know what to do at that point. About 20 minutes pass and Amery is on the attack again. They take a shot
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