A Different World : Life For Veterans With Ptsd

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Lacey Parham Professor Jones English 102 05 July 2015
A Different World: Life for Veterans with PTSD Across America,
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Additionally, I am an avid supporter of Wounded Warrior Project and other veteran-aimed charitable organizations. Through volunteering and endorsing these organizations, I have gained a deeper knowledge of just how much PTSD actually changes life for a person. Finally, this particular season encouraged me to write about this particular topic. As we approach Independence Day, we often start setting off fireworks days, even weeks, in advance of the actual date. Fortunately, more awareness is being brought to this issue, but people still tend to forget to be courteous with the way they set off fireworks late at night and days in advance without warning. Parham 2
All of these factors together encouraged me to learn more about PTSD and how individuals living with it lead an extremely different lifestyle than I know. Before my research, I understand that PTSD is a major life-changing diagnosis for veterans, but I am hoping to learn more about the magnitude of the disorder and how it changes life not only for veterans, but for their families and friends as well. This may seem like an odd or non-topical subject for this type of essay, but veterans undergoing this disorder form very close-knit groups,
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