A Direct Correlation Between Family Involvement

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A direct correlation can be made between family involvement in a child’s school life and a child’s encouragement with maintaining their education. California State University author Susan Auerbach conducts a study which displays the correlation between the amounts of support that a student’s family provides, in comparison to their students’ performance. Auerbach implies racial privileges in which minorities like African Americans and Latinos are affected. She argues that because minorities do not get the luxury of time off work and their cultural history, they are less likely to get involved in their child’s school life. School teachers in an elementary school located in the foothills of Tucson, authors Leslie H. Kahn and Marta Civil, …show more content…

She argues that this disparity is due to the increased amount of work minorities have to do to provide for their family than individuals who are not considered a minority. Although I am not considered a minority, this is relative to my family with the struggles of my parents working while also trying to get involved in our school lives. Auerbach explains, “For example, in describing how one migrant worker family ‘translated the lessons of working hard in the field into lessons for working hard in school’...transmission of socio cultural values be recognized as legitimate parent involvement and that schools build on such ways in which parents are already involved” (252). Auerbach argues that just because these individuals are minorities, does not mean parents do not want their child to get the best support and outcome from their education. Relating to my K-12 experience, my parents were not always there at every school function because they were at work. Auerbach claims that the absence of the family in the children’s lives are not by choice and there should be no stereotype which infers that it is a choice. In my personal life growing up in school, an experience of family support which was beneficial to me was when I joined the cheer team at my high school. While I was on the cheer team all four years, my parents were always trying to help out with fundraising,

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