A Doll 's House By Henrik Ibsen

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A Doll 's House not only explains Ibsen’s view on the topic of women and marriage, but tastefully and subtly provides a new opinion for the reader: that women were just as powerful as men. The play tells the story of the life of a wealthy family in Norway in the 1870 's. The play specifically follows the lives of Nora and Torvald Helmer and friends. The opening scene por-trays Nora entering their residence on Christmas Eve, returning home after shopping with maca-roons. When Torvald enters, scolding Nora for wasting money on them. It is revealed that they have had problems with money in the past even though that Torvald recently gained the position of a new, highly paying job at the bank. When Torvald reminds her to budget her spending …show more content…

He sees Dr. Rank as he is leaving and Rank insults him. Krogstad wastes no time and insists in speaking to Nora. It is now revealed that he is the source of money for her loans. He asks if his job is in danger because of the possibility that Kristine would take his position. He threatens to tell Torvald that Nora forged her father 's signature for the money if she doesn 't secure his job. Torvald arrives and sees Krogstad upon his departure, and questions Nora about it. She changes the subject and asks what Krogstad did to have everyone hate him so much, and to have such a terrible reputation. Torvald explains that he forges signatures and that it 's not morally correct, and adds that lying can ruin a person. Act Two begins on Christmas morning with Nora in distress about the situation involving Krogstad. Kristine agrees to fix her dress for the festivities that day and in conversation asks if Dr. Rank is the source of her loans. Nora denies and mentions that he is sick with a terrible dis-ease. Nora is then left alone with Torvald and takes this opportunity to ask if he would save Krogstad 's job. He explains that Kristine would, in fact, take his job. A flustered Torvald leaves for his study when Dr. Rank enters to talk to Nora. She flirts with him and he professes his love for her, but also admits that he is dying. Krogstad receives the message that he had been fired and immediately goes to scold

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