A Doll's House Symbolism Essay

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Throughout A Doll’s House, the use of symbolism is present. Through Torvald’s actions, the reader develops a clear understanding of Nora and Torvald’s relationship and thus developing the role of women theme. Firstly, Torvald treats Nora as if she is a child, but Nora doesn’t act upon this until the end of the play. This symbolic action could be due to the constant reminder of Nora’s secret bank loan, which affects her attitude and interaction with her husband, along with the constant inequalities present between herself and Torvald. Secondly, although not typically considered as imagery, stage directions are very helpful to the reader as they provide visual information that the reader can use to help create the setting and act out interactions in their mind. And lastly, without prior knowledge of the play, the title seems nonsensical, but as the story unfolds, the title becomes clearly connected to the plot and the theme of the story through the use of symbolism. …show more content…

Throughout the play, Torvald calls Nora by names [nicknames] that symbolize that their relationship is …show more content…

As well as the stage directions help illustrate the scenes of the story in the reader’s mind, the title that was given to the play might have been confusing at first, but after reading the play and practically experiencing it before their eyes, the readers can fully understand the meaning behind “A Doll’s House”. Without the symbolism, imagery, and stage directions, the readers would have a less than seamless time understanding the true meaning behind every action and consequent scene in “A Doll’s

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