A Dream : A Short Story

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Prelude “She believed in angels, and, because she believed, they existed.” ~ Clarice Lispector I felt like I was trapped in a dream—not one of the terrifying nightmares I’d been having—but a pleasant dream, a happy dream. One where angels danced across the starry sky, the fruit of a flowering shrub flashed like fire. Mother smiled and Oliver kissed away my tears. But was it a dream, or was I dead? Had I hit my head while I was changing the tire? I wasn’t sure. Nothing seemed certain. All was a blur. Shadows. Hazy shapes floating across my room. Vague impressions of seraphs sitting beside me on the bed. Smears of color and smudges and brilliant light. A clock tolling out the number of loved ones long gone. The clock tolled again, and they appeared as guests at the inn. Chapter One The Great Escape “But the one who endures to the end will be saved.” ~ Matthew 24:13 It was early September when my friend Sophia drove me to the airport with the AC turned up. The temperature gauge on the dash read eighty-one degrees but with the humidity it felt more like a hundred and ten. The North Carolina sky was bright blue though and the smoky mountains green and hazy. After escaping Uncle Charles at the tender age of nineteen I had stayed with her while I looked for a job. I spent my free time writing poetry and filling out college applications. Every week I would run to check the mail only to find another rejection. But then a letter from the University of Washington came,

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