Notes On ' The Dream '

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Chapter 1: January 1991 two years before the civil war in Sierra Leone Ishmael, Junior(brother), Talloi, and Mohamed learn rap music. 2 years later while traveling to the town of Mattru there village is attacked while they are gone and they are now stuck at Mattru Jong to wait for word from their family.

Chapter 2: Ishmael awakes from a nightmare from the past in present day New York where he had been for a month. He and his group had just killed another group of people and did not care in the dream.

Chapter 3: Ishmael and his friends are stuck at Mattru Jong for longer than they had hoped. A messenger arrives with RUF carved on him. Saying the rebels are coming and five days later after life in the village becomes normal they attack and Ishmael and his friends escape.

Chapter 4: Ishmael and his friends walk for 6 days and their hunger grows. They are forced to sneak into Khalilou 's house and ransack it for money but later find no one will sell goods to them. They are forced to steal from people in the night.

Chapter 5: Ishmael and his friends steal corn from a small child who 's mother latter gives them more. They decide to return to Mattru Jong due to hunger and on their way they are captured by rebels and held at gunpoint, almost killed, but gunfire breaks out and Ishmael and Junior and their group escape.

Chapter 6: Ishmael and the group are feared since they travel as a pack so they hide in the forest and avoid people. They are soon captured by guards

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