Essay on A Drifing Mind: Alzheimer´s Disease

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The article I decided to go with was “Special Nursing Home Units for Residents with Primary Degenerative Dementia: Alzheimer's disease”. The reason I went with this article was because I wanted to focus on a different stage of life. I also have family that has had Alzheimer’s disease. I think this was one of the hardest things I have seen in my life. My aunt would remember my name one moment and forget I was even alive the next. The purpose of this article is to educate those interested in this disease to learn how to deal with them in nursing homes. The research question asked here is how to deal with those with Alzheimer’s in the nursing homes.
The article that I focused on was focused on at-risk or vulnerable populations. The
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I say this because I would be so confused and at a loss of what is going on. Social workers would want to help a person like this by advocating the needs that they need and by providing the service that the person may need. The author arrives at their conclusion and findings by researchers. This person actually went into a nursing home and found the relevant issues of someone who has Alzheimer’s. They did this because they wanted to be able to help someone with this. They wanted to give the services to someone like this just like anyone else. I think that, as a social worker, this is very important. I also think that the research done was great because the person did it hands on. I think the best research is when you have the information first hand. I actually worked in a nursing home that had a special needs unit for Alzheimer’s unit. I think this was very nice of them because the social worker would help them.
I would be to use this information from this article into practice by advocating for my clients. The fact that I have actually dealt with Alzheimer’s patients is something that has prepared me for my future. This article talks about how social workers help people with this disease cope, I think I would be able to do this because of the information and experience that I have from real life and the article.
I choose this article because I really want to help people with this disease at some pont in my life. I also decided to use this article because I
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