Exploring Alzheimer's Through Two Genres Essay

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Exploring Alzheimer’s Through Two Genres Alzheimer’s disease is a disease that greatly affects people with memory loss and is common in the middle and old age group. Since it is a disease that can not be cured, many people want to gain more insight on how to help people with Alzheimer’s disease and how it affects them. This can be taught through a countless number of genres. Today, the two genres that look at the topic of Alzheimer’s disease are care manuals and autobiographies. Even though both genres discuss the topic of Alzheimer’s, autobiographies are more subjective because they contain more personal content while care manuals are more objective since they contain factual information despite the fact that it appeals to pathos in some …show more content…

For instance, in the “Changes in Communication Skills” section of the NIH manual, a son of an Alzheimer’s patient states, "Talking with Dad is hard. Often, I don't understand what he is trying to say or what he wants. We both get pretty frustrated sometimes"(1). This quote serves as another way to gain a better understanding of the challenge by looking at it from an individual’s point of view, appealing to readers’ …show more content…

For instance, in the section that gives information on how to cope with personality or behavior in the care manual by the NIH, some approaches given are, “Don’t argue with him or her”(1) and “Let the person know that he or she is safe”(1). Also, in the section that talks about how to cope with sleep problems, some approaches include, “Limit caffeine”(1) and “Use nightlights in the bedroom, hall, and bathroom”(1). Giving multiple approaches for different scenarios makes the readers more well prepared and confident on what to

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