A Father And Like Pigs To S

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"A Father" is a short story written by Bharati Mukherjee, talking about the injustices that suffered by women and revealing men’s prejudice on women that women should be docile and submissive via the father, Mr. Bhowmick’s view. Women’s life in “A
Father” is unfortunate, however in “Like Pigs to Slaughter”, their life is much more tragic. “Like Pigs to Slaughter”, written by Francesca Schembri, is a short story dealing with the lower social status of women. In the story, Venera has no right to choose her husband and has to give up on her dreams. These two stories both disclose the oppression and unfair treatment of women in the family. Women are the dependency of their family, they have no rights, and are required to obey and please their father and husband.
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At the end of the story, Venera must marry a man that she does not like,
“a man that had never courted her, talked to her of love, or kissed her.” Women’s life in “Like Pigs to Slaughter” is unhappy.

In addition, women should be obedient to their father and husband. In "A Father", Babli, Mr. Bhowmick’s daughter, is a smart, independent, outgoing girl. As an electrical engineer, she has ability to help her father solving any financial problems. However, Mr. Bhowmick does not like her “Babli was not the child he would have chosen as his only heir”. In his opinion women should be femininity and obey and respect their husband or the men in the house. “Babli could never comfort him. She wasn’t womanly or tender the way that unmarried girls had been in the wistful days of his adolescence.” Coincidentally,
Venera is in the similar situation. “Spread your legs and close your eyes. Do whatever he tells you to do, and everything will be fine.” Venera is taught by her aunt about how to serve her husband better before the honeymoon.
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