A Foreign Language Course : Beneficial For College Students

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A Foreign Language Course: Beneficial for College Students “Every college-bound student had studied a foreign language in high school (98%)” (Price and Gascoigne 2005), since students are required to satisfy the A-G requirements so colleges can verify that the student’s subjects are academically challenging. Colleges recommend three years of the same foreign language, but a minimum of two years is sufficient. I argue that there must be a compelling reason for high schools to require students to take such classes. Why doesn’t the “Language other than English” requirement apply in colleges’ academic curriculum as well? At the moment University of California, Santa Cruz requires college students, regardless what major students declare to …show more content…

Even though Philp claims that associating in the classroom is beneficial to learn language, I am certain students can socialize outside the classroom and put to use what they learned. Students can meet new people such as international students and help with their transition to this country. There is 4% of international undergraduate students attending UCSC; from my observations, most international students tend to stay with other international students because they can understand each other languages and struggles (UCSC 2017). I believe there might be a language barrier which prevents communication with outside the group of international students, but I understand every student needs a support system along their academic journey. I know college students are more accepting and open minded about diversity, so my point is foreign language contributes to interaction amongst other students. In a similar way, a foreign language course can increases studying abroad. Students would interact and effectively communicate with people on campus, off campus, or out of the country. Psychologist John B. Carroll, mentions that “Even brief time spent abroad had a potent effect on a student 's language skills” (1967). Students understand the experiences of new culture, language, and people are important because they encounter how to deal with respecting and learning to assimilate in different cultures.

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