A Full-body Weight Loss Routine is Necessary Essay

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Whether you want to slim down your bulging belly, saddle bags or bat wings, weight loss is accomplished in the same manner; through a full-body weight-loss routine. Solely super exercising on area in the hopes to reduce fat from it, doesn't work. You must lose fat from your entire body to see your arms, legs and belly also slim down. This requires a healthy diet, calorie-blasting cardio, and muscle-stimulating resistance exercises. (See References 1, p. 15)
Cardio with a Boost

To burn calories and lose weight from your entire body, the American Heart Association favors 30 to 60 minutes of moderate cardio on most days. (See References 2) Choose cardio that engages your upper and lower body. For instance, use a rowing or elliptical machine, play racquetball, take a kickboxing or step class, or swing your arms while jogging or walking briskly. On two nonconsecutive days, speed up vigorous pace for about one minute throughout your workout. This turns your workout into high-intensity interval training, which effectively reduces body fat, because you to work harder and burn more calories and fat. (See References 3)
Full-Body Strength-Training Exercises

Strength training stimulates muscle tissue and is ideally done on at least two nonconsecutive days of the week. (See References 2) Maintaining and building muscle tissue is essential to lose weight from your entire body including your problem spots, because unlike fat, muscle burns calories even when you're resting; it…

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