Essay on A Girl Named Paige

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I walk through the doors to the fourth building, aiming towards the bathroom but instead, continue to the hallway next to the library and sit across and diagonal from this girl who always makes me curious with the way she looks, the way she acts. Everyday I see her, sitting alone. It’s only seven thirteen and I know her friends will join her soon; I stay sitting across from her. Everyday, my curiosity grows. I see her all day and I know next to nothing about her. She sits alone most of the time, an almost forlorn look plastered to her face. Alone now, I know she sees me. Her eyes dart up at me as I sit then return to their staring at a random splat on the floor, wall, anywhere. Part of me wants to think she’s just socially awkward and …show more content…

They converse about fictional characters and how marvelous they are. Tired of this conversation, I decide to venture elsewhere, although I intend to keep an eye on Paige in first hour. During first hour, Paige is just as vivacious, even more so than earlier. I notice then how small she is. Slim, but not puny, and somewhat tall is her body stature. She’s just small enough to be swallowed by any crowd. The dark clothes make her shrink into herself. The incessant hoodies she wears contribute to absorbing her. I suppose it reflects her personality, always drawn in, like a tortoise in a shell. I wonder how her friend, Courtney, is friends with her. They seem polar opposites. Courtney looks outgoing, confident. As I look at Paige, I can tell she isn’t. I can see her low self-esteem in the way she slouches and the dullness in her eyes when she’s contemplating. On one hand, I feel sympathetic for her. It’s as if life for her is so gruesome. On the other hand, however, her demeanor is disgusting. Low self-esteem is the least attractive quality in others. She seems comfortable, so why is it she always seems so sorrowfully somber? I shake my head and stand as the bell rings, heading to second hour. On our way to second hour, I walk behind Paige. Once she steps outside the classroom her face instantly takes on that disheartening expression. I wonder silently, is her life really that poisonous? Does she return home and act this way? I

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